For its 14th edition, ISOPOW will be back in Burgundy as Beaune already hosted the 3rd edition in 1983. It will  still mainly focus on the role of water for material properties in the fields of foods, pharmaceuticals and  biological systems.  For future and for everyone, the health and gastronomy in our plates remains a key question for ISOPOW members. The aims of the symposium is to remain an important platform for discussions between academic and industrial scientists/technologists in charge of the
physico-chemical properties and stability of their new products.

In brief

The first International Symposium on the Properties of Water
 (ISOPOW) was organised in Glasgow in 1974.

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Active participation of all attendees, but particularly of
Ph.D students was important and gives good perspectives
of ISOPOW community. Keep ISOPOW contact by sharing
your expertise and making reference to the works presented in 
Isopow session.

All will be possible due to support are needed and expected for ISOPOW success..


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